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My name is Liz Lethborg and I would like to introduce myself and CPAP Tasmania to you. I am a trained and fully qualified CPAP Consultant and own CPAP Tasmania in Launceston. I am a local and have always called Launceston home; I have OSA and use CPAP Therapy every night myself so I know the importance of correct CPAP Therapy, pressure settings and mask fitting. CPAP Therapy once tolerated and compliant can be life changing for sufferers and help solve many health issues.
Individual sleeping with the CPAP machine

Experienced in CPAP machines and treatment options

My Launceston Office is open Tuesday-Friday 9:30am-5pm, and I work from home on a Monday making appointments and following up on new patients. I aim to make your time here comfortable in a friendly relaxed environment. I sell and hire machines and masks at a discounted price, and also offer excellent after sales service including full support in all areas. This also includes downloading sleep reports that can be emailed to yourself and your doctor, and I liase with your health professionals to make any adjustments needed for your health. 

For Health Professionals

If you would like to trial your patient on CPAP Therapy, all you need to do is send me an email or send it along with your patient, requesting a CPAP trial for your patient. It will cost the patient $125.00 for a four week trial, during which I spend time to fit the correct mask, offering a hire system for the mask as well at $20/wk and I help support them with follow up visits and calls, downloads of their sleep report, liaising with their doctor, and helping them to get the best result from their CPAP therapy. I am available after hours for appointments if needed. I also do home visits for patients who are unable to travel for medical reasons. Once they have the correct mask and are comfortable with how their machine works, they start to see the benefits. If you believe your patient may have sleep apnoea, you can either send them off to do a home sleep study, with the results being analysed in Melbourne, or you can refer them to one of our outstanding sleep physicians here in Launceston. Please contact me for both further information and to also book in any presentations you feel would be beneficial to educate both health professionals and the general public.

Please feel free to call me should you have any questions or require future information: 
03 6331 9205

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